PSY100: Introduction to Psychology

I taught this course at the College of Staten Island between Fall, 2013 and Fall 2017. I have had a chance to meet over 1000 students. I find the course content to be very challenging for students who are also learning to become a college student. For this reason, I tried to help students engage with the individual topics via media (Blackboard, videos, podcasts, etc…) and class activities rather than using long lectures. Sample syllabus can be found here.

PSY242: Developmental Psychology

Teaching requires a tremendous amount of energy and effort. The practice of wrestling with the same content and repeating the same topics in the same way, every semester can be tedious and not very motivating. The strategy I found to vitalize my mind and teaching practice is to change the course I teach once a while. I have taught Developmental Psychology course only in two summer sessions (Summer, 2014 and Summer, 2015) at the College of Staten Island. This way I got to experience teaching to a smaller group the topics I enjoyed learning about the most. Sample syllabus can be found here.

CHST3430: Children and Media

I taught this course in Spring, 2016 at the Brooklyn College as a result of my recent research interest. The course was designed to be very interactive and discussion oriented. Sample syllabus can be found here. I consider myself lucky for having being part of one of the few childhood and youth studies programs based in the U.S.A

PSY204: Computers and Society

I designed this non-technical elective course after receiving my Ph.D. and starting my first academic job as an Assistant Professor at the Abdullah Gül University. At the time I developed the syllabus there was no student enrolled in a program in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty. I aimed the course to inform the engineering students in the university about how Psychology, or Social Sciences in general, have also grown interest in studying human computer interaction. I used Hypothes.is, an online annotation tool, for the first time in this course. The syllabus can be found here.