Current Projects


photo credit: Sally Mann

Parents Frame Childhood in Digital Postings

The study, which was also my dissertation, shed light on three questions: 1) How do the two digital cultures of childhood postings occur online? 2) What values seem to guide the creation and posting of photographs to the two digital cultures of childhood? 3) How do parents and children interpret exemplars of children’s photos from the research?  To address these questions, I have designed a study to collect and analyze a sample of Instagram pictures with hashtags of fashionkids and letthekids– used mainly by parents – by demographic and image related variables (e.g. age, sex, posing, etc…). Later on, children and mothers participated in a projective activity where they created a story about exemplars of a fashionkid and a letthekid.

The research 1) provides a method for analyzing the construction of childhood in contemporary times and thus insights into how childhood is being defined more broadly by parents in society and 2) offers insights about different venues of interactive digital media as a way toward increasingly defined analyses of a ubiquitous tool that is yet little understood.


photo credit: John Marshall

Childhood Revisited

This longitudinal ethnographic research designed and ran by Dr. Roger Hart in the last 30 years, seeks to understand the factors that drive today’s childhood play and environmental interactions and the social and developmental implications of these transformations. Based on my previous qualitative work and my research interest on media and digital technology use in home environment, I assist him in analyzing parents’ reflections on their children’s interactions with technology, which became an integral part of children’s and parent’s daily lives in the last decade.

How Do Mothers Recollect Past Experiences Regarding Disciplining Their Children and Reflect to Future?

This research program is influenced by the necessity to examine parental inconsistency, ambivalence, uncertainty and anxiety around discipline. Funded by Bernard van Leer Foundation, I chose to study parents’ narratives about disciplining their children, who are 7-10 year-old, to study the pivotal experiences and complications that arise for mothers in their experiences related to disciplining their children. The end goal of this research is to make practical and relevant recommendations about how discipline should be covered in parenting programs that are currently the most prevalent response to violence against children.